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Web Design: What Is It Good For?

In today's market climate where social media has take the business world by storm, you may wonder do you, as a small business owner, really need a website at all? Especially since social media is free. Let's face it free is a big draw! And social media is online, so what's the big deal? Is there really any difference?

The resounding answer is YES! For several reasons.

  1. While, social media can be a great marketing tool, only so much information can be presented on a social media page or post. A website allows you to fully inform potential customers of all that you have to offer.

  2. Only so much of those who need your service will see your Social Media posts or page. There are thousands of other customers that search Google, essentially looking for you. Having a website is key in attracting them to your business.

  3. One thing that is strongly acknowledged especially in the social media realm is that, appearance is everything when it comes to new followers, likes or new customers. When you promote yourself to new clients, a web address on your business card presents the image that you are established and professional.

So, we know that you need a website. But you may be concerned if you can afford it. Again the answer is YES! While we offer multiple levels of web design services, affordable, professional web design is our niche market.

As a small web design business based in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area, we recognize the importance of affordability. That is why we strive to focus on offering small businesses like ours, affordable web design packages and small business website management.

Contact us and let us walk you through the process of getting your website up and running today.


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